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  Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

RN Tutoring Prices

13 Steps towards your A+: $350 (learn how to study on your own and never need tutoring again)

Resume help: $175

Personal essay help: $150

Entrance Exam preparation- $400

Mentoring and professional guidance- FREE

College orientation- FREE

RN Tutoring hour prices

Pre- requisites: $40/hr

Matriculating: $50/hr

NCLEX Preparation: $60/hr

NCLEX Review

RN-$550 for 15 days

Group Price For Students

RN- $20 per person for a group of 4 people or more

Payment plan: Half of payment due on the second day of class and last payment due two weeks from that date.

If funds are not produces in a timely fashion we reserve the right to cancel any future tutoring sessions. please ask for a receipt.

-Please send us an email or text with your information in order to receive your fee.

-Contact us at 917-602-9927 or [email protected] Please be clear as to whom you recommended in your message. -Be advised the person must be enrolled and must have already made their payment to the center before you can receive your due payment.