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RN NCLEX Review 15 Days (Coming Soon)

When: Jan 12, 2021 at 06:00 PM - Thursday- February 11th, 2021 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Below you will find the schedule for the basic current LPN class, the times it is in session, the topics being discussed presently and in the near future.

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RN NCLEX Review Sessions

Time: 5:00pm -9:00pm

Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday


15 days NCLEX Review- $500- For the whole course beginning to end.

Schedule :

Day 1-

NCLEX readiness and Assessment

Day 2-

How to study and prepare for the NCLEX

Day 3-

Chapter 1- Fundamental nursing

Chapter 2- Health Assessment

Day 4-

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Cardiovascular Disorders

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Respiratory Disorder

Day 5-

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Neurological Disorders

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Endocrine Disorder

Day 6-

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:


Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Genitourinary Disorder

Day 7-

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

musculoskeletal Disorder

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Integumentary Disorder

Day 8-

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing:

Immunological Disorder

Chapter 3-Medical- Surgical nursing

Oncological Disorders

Day 9-

Chapter 4- Pediatrics- Growth and development,

Cardiovascular disorders, Respiratory Disorders,

Neurological disorders, Endocrine Disorders

Day 10-

Chapter 4- Pediatrics- Gastrointestinal Disordered,

genitourinary disorders, hematological disorders,

Musculoskeletal disorders, Pediatric cancers, Ear, Eye and

Throat disorders, Infectious disorders

Day 11-

Chapter 5- Maternity

Day 12-

Chapter 6- Pharmacology-

Cardiovascular medications, Respiratory medications,

Neurological medications, Endocrine medications,

Gastrointestinal medications, Genitourinary medications,

Musculoskeletal medications

Day 13-

Chapter 6- Pharmacology- Integumentary medications,

Immunological medications, Chemotherapy medications

Chapter 7- Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Day 14-

Chapter 7- Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Question and Answer

Day 15-

Question and answer