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  Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

RN Pharmacology

is a very difficult class to take while in nursing school. When taking Pharmacology a student is studying how a drug works on the body, its side effects, and the way the body uses the drug.This one-on-one tutoring session helps student taking pharmacology to grasp the important facts, and it teaches tricks on how to remember the most pertinent information that students may possibly be tested on. 

Studying Effectively: 13 steps to 100%

The 13-Steps study plan that Nicolette created and expounds upon in this course can help students in any educational level improve their test scores. As an added bonus, students can predict their grades based on the amount of work completed.

The Ultimate Nursing NCLEX Crash Course

Have you ever wondered what key topics you need to study for that are sure to be on the NCLEX exam. Check out this course and you will find out.

Refresher Course For Nurses

Buy this if you are a potential nursing student who wants to know if you will be able to handle the course load, or a current student who needs help with classes or The NCLEX, or you have been a nurse for a long time but need a refresher course.