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LPN in a nut shell

LPN Duties:

LPN nurses provide basic bedside care, measure and record patients vital signs, prepare and give injections and enemas, monitor catheters, dress wounds, and give alcohol rubs and massages.

LPN job duties may also include assisting with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, moving in bed, standing, and walking. They might also feed patients who need help eating. An experienced LPN may supervise nursing assistants and aides. LPNs collect samples for testing, perform routine laboratory tests, and record food and fluid intake and output. They clean and monitor medical equipment. Sometimes, practical nurse job duties include helping physicians and registered nurses perform tests and procedures. Some LPNs help to deliver, care for, and feed infants.

Basic LPN Training Requirements:

1. Basic requirements include a high school diploma, GED or vocational training credits.

2. Achieve a satisfactory score on an admission exam

3. Pre-requisites

-Principles of Biology

-Human Anatomy and Physiology


Additional courses could include


-Human Development


4. About one year of schooling that will include classes that cover the following topics

-professional behaviors




-caring interventions


These topics are further broken up in the following core classes by subjects such as

-Fundamentals of Nursing

-Adult Nursing

-Maternal and Child Nursing

-Psychosocial Nursing


-Mental health nursing

-Geriatric Nursing

-Medical Surgical Nursing

5. Clinical LPN courses


-You can become an LPN in about a year

-You can complete your nursing degree online

-An LPN salaries can range from about $20,000 to about $53,000 depending on the state one lives in.

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