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  Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

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"How To Beat a Rigged School System: 13 Steps to 100%"

by Nicolette Piaubert

My Goal is to offer my services to people in underprivileged communities especially schools and churches in order to help them become aware of the inequality that exist in schools. This book is a self help book on how one can navigate through our nations unfair educational system and succeed. It gives very clear instructions to students and parents alike about different topics, from admission into schools down to how one can study in order get exceptional grades in order to obtain ones desired career. It can be used to educate middle, high school and college students and it is good for parents of scholars of all ages. Unfortunately many of our Black and Latino populations lack the information needed to get the resources available for scholastic achievements. This problem has helped perpetuate a cycle of poverty and illiteracy in families of the said population and I wish put an end to it. 


By Nicolette Piaubert

Published in 2013

This is a series of poems that represents the strokes of life of an individual struggling to stay on a road to success. There are many instances where the writer shows the dichotomic struggle between thoughts and actions, or belief and works. The author keeps away from dwelling on negativity, but rather uses each hardship as an opportunity to teach a lifes lesson. The book is partitioned into three parts, in order to better demonstrate the turbulent yet constant progression existing in life that can inevitably result in a persons greatest achievements.