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"How To Beat a Rigged School System: 13 Steps to 100%"

by: Nicolette Piaubert

About the book

This is a self-help book on how one can navigate through the unfair educational systems in America and succeed. Because schools continue to be segregated across the states, minority students lack the information needed to obtain the knowledge available for scholastic achievements, and therefore remain underachieved. This problem has helped perpetuate a cycle of poverty and illiteracy in many Black and Latino families most especially. In order to help put an end to the problem of failing schools in poverty stricken neighborhoods around the country, this book gives very clear instructions to students and parents alike about different topics, from admission into schools to how one can study in order get exceptional grades and obtain one's desired career. The 13 steps fail proof studying plan that the author created and expounds upon in the book can help students in any educational level improve their test scores. As an added bonus, using the methodology students can predict their grades based on the amount of studying and reviewing they complete.

Having been subjected to the destructive affects of attending underfunded schools the author, Nicolette Piaubert knows first hand the struggle and shame that underachieving students go through. Luckily she did not allow the problems she faced to deter her from her dream of making a different in the lives of others. Many of the chapters in this book starts off with captivating stories of her own experience as a student in said schools and how she over came. These storied are intriguing to say the least, and the lessons are inspiring beyond words. The author's favorite quote was noted to be "it is not your fault if you were not taught, but it is your fault if you never learn". This book is not only informational, but it is fun to read. More importantly, it can very well be just the cure the American school system has been waiting for.


By Nicolette Piaubert

Published in 2013

This is a series of poems that represents the strokes of life of an individual struggling to stay on a road to success. There are many instances where the writer shows the dichotomic struggle between thoughts and actions, or belief and works. The author keeps away from dwelling on negativity, but rather uses each hardship as an opportunity to teach a lifes lesson. The book is partitioned into three parts, in order to better demonstrate the turbulent yet constant progression existing in life that can inevitably result in a persons greatest achievements.