Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

CEO/Founder- Nicolette Piaubert

Founder/CEO- Nicolette Piaubert (Left) is a poet, writer, and author of the new novel How to Beat a Rigged School System: 13 Steps to 💯.” Her previous work was a book of poetry entitled Becoming, published in 2013. A professionally nurse, she has spent the last decade tutoring future nurses and teaches students in general how to become experts in their field of study. Nicolette is adventurous and enjoys a great laugh.

As she very often forgets her age she can always be found surrounded with children laughing and play and very near to breaking a rib. "I decided to become a tutor because I realize the information I provide will help reinforce interest in education, and get students into their desired careers. In the past I have been a victim of NYC's unfair school system so I am aware of how even brilliant students can have major lacks depending on the schools they attended. What is sad is they do not know how to fill the chasm of information they have accumulated along the years. What i do as i tutor is to aid students to improve their knowledge bank and in the process I lift self esteem, give them a love for learning and encourage them to think bigger and go higher than they ever thought possible. I believe it is not your fault if you were not taught, but it is your fault if you never learn."


        This company has been offering tutoring services to future nurses around the globe since 2013. At Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center we help people in different levels of nursing, namely CNAs, LPNs, and RNs increase their knowledge in the sciences in order to pass their various exams, and become licensed care providers. We offer help in all nursing subjects from pre-requisites to NCLEX review with 1-1 tutoring, in class group session and online courses. Recalling the rigor of the nursing curriculum and how a systematic study plan can mean so much, I have designed a 13 step studying technique that promises better comprehension and higher grades up to 💯%. With this plan students can actually predict according to how much work they put in, what their exam grades will be. Using their gift of teaching our tutors help produce more heroes as they allow nurses to get into the position where they can save lives.

We most proud of the 13 step methodology we developed because it lays out clear cut steps any student in any grade level can apply to do better in school. By adding the factor of teaching people how to learn, we have been able to branch out and touch more lives than we ever imagined in very tangible ways. By implementing the 13 step plan my business has become a vector for equality among people. It has become a great equalizer.

We are always amazed at the magnitude of impact this tutoring company has have on people’s lives . We allow every person to have a chance at success within their field of interest by acquiring the knowledge it takes to make them experts. At Gab-Nic Excelsior we realize many people do not become successful because they never learned how to obtain mastery in their field of interest. And they do not obtain mastery because they do not know how to learn- they were never taught how. This notion brought me to the realization that the school system has failed students and in more ways than one.

Our research on the topic has led us to confirm what we had already suspected through personal experience, and that is that the current education system has not only failed many, but it has been bias in those it failed most. We can now prove with historical fact like how redlining worked, that schools were never created equally and still are not, so not every one had the same opportunity for success. The population most affected are blacks and Latinos. Unfortunately many of our Black and Latino youth lack the information needed to get the resources available for scholastic achievements. This problem has helped perpetuate a cycle of poverty and illiteracy in families of the said group and i wish put an end to it.

The CEO Nicolette Piaubert have written a book that entitled, “A Fail Proof Success Plan: 13 Steps to 💯”. It is a self help book on how one can navigate through the current unfair educational system and succeed. It gives very clear instructions to students and parents alike about important topics, from admission into schools down to how one can study in order get exceptional grades to obtain ones desired career. The book also talks about the art of entrepreneurship, and how it is important to follow ones passion and not a cookie cutter plan for success. The book can be used to educate, elementary school, middle school, high school and college students and it is good for parents as well.

Senator Sander's Bill, College for All Act allows every NYC student to afford going to college, however, with my tutoring services we guarantee them the means to stay there if they wish to graduate, and we give students the empowerment they need if they want to venture of into entrepreneurship. The information we provide at our center will help to reinforce interest in education, to improve self awareness, self esteem, give people a love for learning and encourage them to pursue their goals and so much more. In the past we had been a victim of NYC's unfair school system and want to help change it for the next generation. As this center continues to grow we want to also continue to offer help to students in underprivileged communities and schools in particular, helping them to become aware of the inequality that exist in the schools and give them the tools to succeed regardless. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center is to provide all students with support and learning strategies that will afford them the opportunity to learn and master the skills needed to become successful.


Our vision is to create a new paradigm in education that will serve as a model for creating a systemic change for Student world wide by delivering the following:

  • Providing customized educational study plans designed to build the foundations of their future success by helping them to become expert learners;
  • Help all our students to achieve their personal education goals and there after their career goals

Why us?

-Knowledge You Can Trust

-Tutors that inspire you

-Personal and individualized help

-With 30 years of combined experience as licensed nurses, we understand how overwhelming it can be to learn everything required in nursing today.

-Our assistance and supportive approach takes some of the stress out of the process.

-Our lively personalities make it fun to learn and our dynamic tutoring techniques make information stick so you retain more information.

-We are patient and understanding with students and offer effective assistance:

  • 1-on-1
  • In a Group Setting
  • or Via Webinars